Concrete Resurfacing

Is your driveway, garage, sidewalk or patio starting to show it’s age and in need of refreshing? Concrete Resurfacing can restore it back to it’s glory days — and then some!

Historically as concrete slabs begin to show wear or cracks the only solution was to tear out the old and pour new concrete. Thankfully that is no longer necessary, saving the owner much headache and potentially tens of thousands of dollars.
Decorative Concrete Resurfacing — Tampa, Hernando, Citrus, Pasco, Sumter, Lake

Concrete Resurfacing Breathes New Life Into Your Home’s Curb Appeal

There are several ways that a slab begins to show signs of failure. It doesn’t necessarily mean the slab will fall apart but more so it is just visually unappealing.

Concrete consists of marble sized rock (aggregate), sand, cement and water. As it’s poured the rock settles to the bottom and the sand stays at the top. We call this the cream.

On driveways many times the cream becomes worn off and then the aggregate shows. Also concrete contractors cut minimum saw cuts in the concrete and this often times causes the slab to crack.

Lucas Designs removes any contaminants like oil from the driveway, uses a special machine called a shot blaster to profile the concrete to accept the new overlay, fills in all cracks with a special Epoxy and then installs the overlay.

Color can be added to the overlay mix or it can be decoratively stained soon after. Additional saw cuts are put in to prevent cracking and then a acrylic sealer applied to preserve the color and protect the overlay from future stains.

This process, minus the saw cuts, can be applied indoors as well.

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